People ask us about our name. It's the name of a typeface, but that's not why we chose it. It's also the name of an island in the Strait of Georgia off British Columbia, Canada.

The Spanish were the first to visit the island in 1791 but they left no permanent settlements. During the 1800's fur traders, coal miners and ex-gold miners moved to Gabriola to create small farming communities. In the early 20th century the population grew slowly until the 1970's when hippies immigrated from the United States. 

Today Gabriola's population is about 4,000. But it increases greatly when the "summer people" come to enjoy the relaxed pace, the beautiful beaches and forests, boating and fishing, and a myriad of cultural events which have earned Gabriola Island the title Isle of the Arts. We think it's a lot like our home town of Wolfeboro, New Hampshire, the Jewel of Lake Winnipesaukee.